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Effective alarm

I have tried previous alarms that did not wake my son as he is a very heavy sleeper, and had cords so I was concerned about safety. This alarm is safe and loud enough to wake my son. We have been using it now for about a month and a half and have not yet beaten the bedwetting, but are definitely on our way. He is starting to wake before the alarm goes off, but not quite make it to the toilet yet, so definitely making progress and I would be happy to recommend this alarm to others.

It sounds like progress is being made! If you are looking for tips on helping deep sleepers then check out my blog post:

Excellent product

My 9 year old had never had more than 3 nights dry in a row until using this product. We're now at the end of week three without an accident and stopped using the alarm after 14 dry nights. It took about 6 weeks to get to that point. Really pleased.

That is a great result! Congratulations to you and your 9 year old.

Love it. So easy to wash and dry

So far the alarm has not worked but child has been very tired so we are going to try again soon

It is a good idea to take a break from night toilet training if it is getting too much for you or your child. Please get in touch if you need any guidance :-)


I have tried other wearable brands of bed alarms before with no success on my son. He would get lazy and turn it off while in bed unattach it and go back to sleep wetting the bed.
This alarm 🚨 worked perfectly. We kept the base at a distance so he would have to get out of bed to turn it off prompting him to wake more and then go to the toilet.
We also got the parental alarm too so that he could still stay in his environment down the other end of our house and not have to co sleep while getting used to it.
I felt we were running out of time to train and this has saved us and made our world different!!!
He’s now more confident in himself too!

DRI alarm

This is a very effective product. However the alarm is not loud enough or prolonged enough to wake a very deep sleeper such as our son. We have to have the alarm sound in our bedroom and run to wake him which somewhat defeats the purpose of an alarm that wakes the child when the bladder is full and trains their response to a full bladder.

The volume on the Eclipse can be turned up (instructions in the manual) however it may be more effective to try these 4 important strategies that parents tell us help greatly with deep sleepers: Priming, Recall, Visualisation and Reward Programmes. I have sent you detailed instructions, I hope they help! Let us know how you get on.

Fantastic product

I am very pleased with this alarm,I have used other alarms but this one is more effective, much more comfortable for my son to wear and more discrete. The accompanying support materials are also excellent and the over all approach to managing bed wetting which addresses the psychological as well as the physical difficulties is brilliant.

<p>Thanks for your feedback. We are thrilled you found our support materials helpful. We wish you and your son all the best for the future.</p>

50 days in and only a slight improvement

My nearly 5 year old bed wets every night. Since the alarm she has reduced wetting from 2-3 times a night to once a night. She has at times only just done a very small wee but we are still not able to be pull up free. Fingers crossed for the future.

There are some strategies you can use alongside the alarm that may result in further improvements:

1. Double voiding before bedtime. Ask her to go to the toilet ½ hour before bed and to relax over it-take her time, maybe read a book . Then immediately before bed ask her to go to the toilet again. It is important that she completely empties her bladder before going to sleep;
2. The Visualisation Strategy can be used during the day to help with nocturnal bedwetting:
When the child needs to go to the toilet at home during the day ask her first to go to the bedroom, shut the curtains as if it were night time, and lie on the bed pretending to be asleep. Tell her to describe out loud what she is feeling and why this is a signal for her to get up and go to the toilet when she is asleep. Some children describe sensations, others use colours or sounds to inform themselves what their body is telling them –whatever works for her.
3. Good daily hydration is essential so your daughter’s bladder can hold more at night. A 250ml glass of water taken 6 times a day: when she wakes, at breakfast (can be the milk in the cereal), at morning tea, at lunchtime, at afternoon tea and at dinner. It is important that she drinks rather than sips as drinking a full glass helps with bladder stretching.
4. The other thing that works well with a lot of bedwetters is a Reward Programme. The road to dry nights is often not straight so using milestones along the way to keep your child engaged and feel like she is making progress before she achieves full dryness is a good strategy. Milestones can include:
•responding positively to being woken by you and the alarm
•waking to the alarm by herself for 5 consecutive nights
•helping with the clean-up for 7 nights
•one dry night a week
•several dry nights a week
•14 consecutive dry nights

Rewards can consist of a simple sticker chart or more tangible rewards. Whichever you consider appropriate. You can download the DRI Sleeper Progress chart at:

So helpful

So helpful and easy to use, been fantastic


I was a bit sceptical buying this product for our daughter as we weren’t sure it would actually work!
Our daughter is 9 and was wetting her night pants (Nappy) every night. We have used the alarm for just over a couple of months and she has finally cracked it.
I would highly recommend this product, it has given our daughter so much more confidence and we are all over the moon that she no longer wets the bed.

It is so nice to hear that your daughters confidence has grown since using the alarm. It sounds like she made a great effort to resolve her bed wetting; well done! We wish her all the best for the future.

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children

So glad I got it!

My daughter is 5 and such a deep sleeper. She had been toilet trained during the day since she was 2 but was never able to stay dry at night. We tried several things as my daughter started expressing concern that she was still in a nappy at night and comparing herself to her friends and younger cousin who were no longer needing night nappies. It was starting to affect her confidence. So in the end I decided to give the dri sleeper alarm a try. I am so glad I did. It took a couple of weeks or so of me sleeping in her room and waking her up when the alarm went off (as she would sleep through it despite it being very loud!) and getting her to go to the toilet. Then all of a sudden she started sleeping through and nappy was dry in the morning!! It has now been 2-3 weeks without nappies at night! Thank you!!

You have put in a great effort to help your deep sleeper beat bedwetting! Congratulations to you and your daughter on your shared success.

Great product. Saves the mattress and lots of laundering. Well made, great quality. Recommend.


Took less than a week to stop our daughter bed wetting. Very happy


In 2 weeks my son was toilet trained. I couldn't believe it!

Worked like a charm

Only took three weeks for my seven year old to be completely dry at night. Haven't had any accidents since. Easy for her to use and very effective. The sensor was almost too sensitive but the advice to wrap a small layer of tissue or toilet paper around it helped set that issue right.

That is wonderful that she is dry at night. So glad we were able to help.

Brolly Sheets

Should have done this earlier!

This has worked really well for our son who is about to turn 10. He would wet the bed 1-3 times every night. Within the first two weeks he was getting up on his own when he heard the alarm (when before, he couldn’t get up even when we woke him). He has stopped using pull ups and is now wearing undies to bed. He has been using the alarm for almost 2 months and he has had one accident since those initial two weeks passed. We are really grateful for this alarm.

It's brilliant he has got it sorted so he can look forward to his teenage years without that worry. Congratulations to you and your Son. We wish you all the best for the future.

Worked really well. Thank you


It worked for us after months of frustration with our (almost) 6 year old.

Highly recommend!

I'm so pleased it has worked and the bedwetting frusteration is at an end!


My child has been dry more often than not I am using the DRI Alarm in conjunction with my homemade reward chart. I am pleased with how it’s going.

That's great! A reward chart can really help to keep a child motivated. Good luck :)


My 8yo daughter was still wetting every other night. The pitch of the alarm wakes her, sometimes she's not full coherent, but enough to stop her wetting. She's confident and independent. The cost of the alarm already saved on nappies.

Well done! So pleased for her that she is dry!

For children that don't quite wake, a cool flannel on the forehead and cheeks can help gently wake them.

Amazing product!

Our son is 9 years old and is a deep sleeper. He has wet the bed at night his whole life. We received the product and followed the instructions for prepping him and in less than 6 weeks he was waking himself to pee before the alarm went off. He has been off the alarm for about two weeks and still has not had an accident. He is amazed at himself and is so happy it worked! The psychology behind the product is simple yet brilliant! We definitely will recommend to anyone in need! NO MORE PULL-UPS, its life changing!

Congrats! He has done a great job getting bedwetting sorted!

Cautiously optomistic about success

My now 12 yr old was truly struggling with staying dry all night. He has been on two medications, and gone through multiple sensors on an alarm (different brand). For him, the alarm seems to have worked from a purely psychological standpoint. While he is with me, we live in a blended home, and he doesn't want the alarm to go off, alerting step-brothers/sisters that he has had an accident. He's been dry now for close to 2 months, only wearing the Dri Sleeper for the first week or so. He is still having intermittent accidents at his mom's but he is gaining confidence that he can do this on his own.

We are so pleased he is gaining confidence and been dry for a good period of time, that is very encouraging. Well done!