Proud to be dry with DRI Sleeper

"I am sending a HUGE thank you for making my son (9 years old) totally bed wetting free! I am so amazed at how this alarm works and has trained him to no longer pee at night. He is so proud of himself as we are of him!"
- Jenn, Ontario

"We thought that this was the start and slowly the dry nights would become more frequent, but we were wrong! She has now been dry ever since and we are up to night 21 with the goal of reaching 30 dry nights in a row and she gets a super treat. She is the happiest and proudest kid and has really done it on her own."
- Happy Mum, New Zealand

"Then out of the blue on Night 16 she woke up in the morning DRY and her alarm had not gone off! She was so proud of herself and us of her."
- Jac, New Zealand

"I expected it to take him a few months and was fully prepared for it to be a very lengthy process. But I was amazed at how quickly we started to see a difference, I knew he would get there in the end and I'm really proud of him and how he's handled the whole thing. He has even decided to go to school camp next month which is a major milestone for him!"
- Louise, ACT, Australia

"It does what it says and we saw our son almost crack it within 3 weeks with it waking him up and training his brain to the point that he was getting himself up before the alarm went off and going to the toilet. He was proud of himself and we were of him."
- UK Customer