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Technology behind the DRI Sleeper® Bedwetting Alarms

July 29, 2014 3 min read

DRI Sleeper® bedwetting alarms use smart electronics and patented conductive plastic sensors to provide your child with a safe and comfortable method of treating their bedwetting. Read just how these incredibly effective bed wetting alarms work.

A two-part wireless bedwetting alarm that's easy and comfortable.

The DRI Sleeper® eclipse has been designed as a two-part wireless system for added comfort. Other wireless alarms often use a separate transmitter attached to the undergarments which the sensor has to be plugged into. The reason the DRI Sleeper® eclipse Urosensor™ has only two working parts is that the sensor, which is permanently sealed to keep moisture out, contains a long life 3V coin battery to outlast the normal treatment programme.  Furthermore, the electronics of the DRI Sleeper® eclipse are cleverly programmed to save battery consumption by powering up only when moisture is detected.  This means that the battery in the alarm base will last for at least three months used nightly and triggering twice a night before it needs replacing. The battery in the eclipse Urosensor™ will last at least a year used nightly and triggering twice a night. You will know when this battery is about to expire as the alarm will sound intermittently when it triggers.

The eclipse sensor has been designed to trigger at a resistance which maximises the response to urine but minimises false triggering to sweat. It will transmit to an alarm base up to 10 metres (33 feet) distant and can be used with multiple alarms, if required. The eclipse Urosensor™ uses the Industrial, Scientific and Medical radio bands and transmits at around 433 MHz. It complies with the international electromagnetic compatibility standards so it will not interfere with other devices that use the same radio frequencies.

Some customers ask if it is safe to have the eclipse Urosensor™ close to a boys testicles because of the risk of radio wave emissions. The answer is yes because once moisture is detected the sensor sends only two low frequency transmissions of 1.4 seconds with a break of 0.3 seconds between them. It is safe because it is not the very high frequency of radio waves (microwave) that can cause damage through the heating of tissue, plus the transmission is very brief and not continuous.  

A Patened, innovative bedwetting alarm - The DRI Sleeper excel

The DRI Sleeper® excel is a wired alarm. It has a patented, flexible, conductive plastic sensor attached to a cord that is plugged into the alarm which is attached at the shoulder of your child’s undergarments.


The excel is powered by four 1.5V button batteries and when the Urosensor™ is unplugged the circuit is switched off. Again, clever design of the electronics make the excel Urosensor™ very safe. Most wired alarms have a current passing through the sensor the whole time the alarm is beeping which can cause the urine to become acidic and irritate sensitive skin. With the DRI Sleeper® excel, once the alarm triggers the safety electronics isolate it and no more current passes through the Urosensor™. Also,  with just a few micro amps passing through the sensor for less than a second you can put it on your tongue and trigger the alarm but you will feel nothing.

The Urosensor - Proven bed wetting technology 

Both the DRI Sleeper® excel and DRI Sleeper® eclipse Urosensor™ are the ideal size to detect urine and go right inside the underwear where the first drops of urine occur. In addition, the excel Urosensor™ includes sensing strips on both sides to maximise urine detection.

DRI Sleeper® Urosensors™ do not have clips or domes which must be attached to the outside of the underwear. This means they can be used with diapers or pull-ups, unlike alarms with the clip-on sensors. Also, because they are made of conductive plastic they are easy to clean and there are no metal contacts which can corrode or deteriorate in urine.

Finally, DRI Sleeper® alarms are set at a frequency of approximately 3.3kHz. This is close to the resonant frequency of the ear and is most effective for alerting the brain. The volume is set at 95-98 decibels (measured at a distance of 15cm) and is tamper proof on both alarms and adjustable on the DRI Sleeper® eclipse.

The technology behind the DRI Sleeper® alarms has been developed over 35 years of treating children’s bedwetting. As a result, our alarms have been designed around the needs of children and their parents rather than the dictates of fashion or marketing departments. They are safe, easy to use and clean and an effective way to treat your child’s bedwetting.